The Worst Days Are Over

Your life has been a long ride; full of sorrow, failures and disappointments. It has been an uphill climb for you. When you walked on the street, you felt the wind blowing gently behind your ears, but to you, it seemed as if it was blowing you to the shore.

The worst days are over. The days when nothing made sense to you. The days when you could not feel your toes in your shoes. You have been through so many fights and so many empty nights. Nevertheless, you have carried on. Be glad that your worst days are over. Be glad that it didn’t tear you apart.

You can start living and breathing now. You are no longer in darkness facing the walls. You are a survivor. It’s your turn to tell someone else about your storm and the river that you had to cross.Β The worst days are over. The days when you sat in a corner looking at your life leaving you behind. The days when everyone saw your pain, but did not help.

There’s no way a person can deny the truth that you are a living proof. During the tough times, you took courage to lift your head from staring at the floor.

You are brave and intelligent, you deserve to be celebrated.

Keep your head up and keep moving. Your best days are ahead of you.

Photo Β by: Kardelen

Daily Prompt: Gone

20 thoughts on “The Worst Days Are Over

  1. Ahhh…the resilience of man is just astoundingly amazing! We have proven that many times in our own respective lives. Very poignant depiction of the human spirit!
    What motivates us though is that we all have hope for that rainbow after the rain or that sunrise following the dawn.
    Love this inspiring post!

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  2. Well, It took a while to read this one, coz I just can’t tell you, I faced many obstructions in the process. But when I finally finished reading, I instantly pressed like. Absolutely wonderful article…

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