Be Strong and Courageous . . .

When people walk away from your life without saying “goodbye” or even giving the “reason” to leave is not a good feeling; it hurts deeply.

You can spend days feeling that you were left in the dark under the weather. But, stop banging your head on the wall. Learn to be strong and courageous to bringΒ yourself together and keep moving!

As we all know, life does not stop, it doesn’t slow down for anyone.

You do the same. You have a rich life ahead of you, regardless your age. Be strong. Be courageous and let them go on.

Here’s a sad truth,Β not everyone will come and stay in your life.

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Photo credit: Pinterest

Video credit: Lady Jewels Forever. 2011. Youtube Publishing.

Speech written by: TD. Jakes.


20 thoughts on “Be Strong and Courageous . . .

  1. Great post and loved it. The people we meet, all have different purposes. Some teach us lessons and some inspire us, while yet other if we get lucky stay in our hearts forever. Everything happens for a reason.

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      1. Yes and not to be taken too serious. Life can be serious enough and I just wrote a post about keeping the balance to the seriousness of our adult life’s. It’s called childhood abandon. I’m sure you could relate and maybe check it when you some free time. It seems fitting in relation to this. Have a great night.

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  2. Yes, people come into and may leave our lives. There are about half dozen friends that have just seemed to evaporate and I don’t know how or why. Never locate them as some I knew by first name only or by nickname.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts Carl. It means a lot. You are 100% right. At times, when people come in our lives to teach us something about life itself or about ourselves. Life is very interesting when you think about it.


  3. And to look at this from another perspective…. perhaps those who are no longer in your life, are wondering what ever happened to you? Why are you no longer in their life.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Great post, thank you for your writings. ren

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