First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of you! Understand and accept that you have made it this far, not because you are special, not because you are a darling or a sweet pea. But, because you haven’t finished what you’ve started.

Your journey has just begun. Yes, you can see now, and that’s great. Yes, you can breathe now, and that’s also great. But, your life has just begun transforming. Yes, you are no longer in the cocoon that you created in your past life, where you fought and cried to be strong. But, still, you have to decide to take the wind. Your wings are strong now, yes, but, still, you have to make the decision for yourself to fly.

Make this year a promising year for yourself and for your dreams. Don’t look back too far at the storms in your past life in the cocoon. Don’t try to give birth to those dark memories. Not now. They can wait. Decide for yourself to take the decision that has been whirling inside your head. Stop nurturing it. Go all in with your heart and spirit. Don’t think twice about it. One of two things can happen: you can slip or you can make a detour.

But, then, you always find your way back home, and that’s the beauty of it. You always come out fine. The butterfly decides one day to take a nap at a random tree, and boom, a cocoon was created for it to grow stronger than before, and once it comes out, it makes a decision to fly.  And so can you! take the decision right now. Right now. There is no moment to wait.

I can guarantee, and even the Lord above us all can guarantee, that the moment you make that decision, off you will go flying in the glowing sun. Off you will go taking the air with your wings and rising above the horizon.

And then, everyone will be in awe moment watching you go. Watching you spreading your wings above the clouds in the wind.

One decision is all that it will take.


Daily Prompt:

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  1. Uh Ah. Decisions, the cornerstone’s of life.

    Tip: One can only make a good decision based on the given information, at that time. It’s easy to look in hindsight, and wish to have made a different decision.
    Not possible. That moment in that point in time, cannot foresee the future. Oh, how wonderful that would be! But it is not that way.

    Decisions, decisions…..

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