Have You Heard This Joke?

Life is a moving thing. It is always on the move whether we feel it or not. Life is all about changes. Without them, life ceases to make sense and therefore, there is no reason to live. There is nothing on earth that stays the same. Everything in life is changing around us whether we acknowledge…


Did You Know ?

Did you know that there is nothing wrong with you if there are unexplained tears in your eyes, and if there is an overwhelming depression in the middle of your chest? Did you know that when your world is tumbling down, the waves begin to flood your shore, and you can’t find your way home anymore…

Be Strong and Courageous . . .

When people walk away from your life without saying "goodbye" or even giving the "reason" to leave is not a good feeling; it hurts deeply. You can spend days having the feeling of being left in the dark. But, stop banging your head on the wall, and biting your fingernails. Learn to be strong and…

A Life Strategy . . .

  Today, right now, at this moment, begin where you are, not where you wish to be. The past is gone, it is dead like nights, and the future is not here, not yet, not now.     Daily Prompts: Disrupt Radiant Explore Warning Patience Wonder Lecture Strategy Picture credit: Pinterest

Feeling Powerless?

We are all dribbling the same ball, playing the same soccer game on the same field. But, we are just at different levels. Daily Prompt: Sympathize Puzzled Shock Horizon Loophole Miraculous Calling Picture: Pinterest

Planting Dreams

Out an' About

Creativity is in the air. Can you feel it?

Plants are in the ground, seeds are being sown and a spectacular once in a lifetime lunar phenomenon has just graced our skies in Melbourne.

After a time of lull in January it feels like the energy is shifting.

This past month for me has been a gentle easing into the new year. I enjoyed catching up with a close friend who shares my creativity and I was stirred by a rousing musical (The Greatest Showman)  an amazing movie that fuelled my dreams.

I camped in nature, by the ocean and by mountain rivers, I stood under an invigorating waterfall and lay awake at night listening to the peaceful sounds of the bush. I woke to the chorus of birds.

I meditated, journalled and immersed myself in what I love, a bit like dreaming with eyes wide open. Now, though…

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First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of you! Understand and accept that you have made it this far, not because you are special, not because you are a darling or a sweet pea. But, because you haven't finished what you've started. Your journey has just begun. Yes, you can see now, and that's…

It’s All You Can Do . . .

You can try a zillion strategies to forget some things, but, they will never-ever- escape you. Not one moment. It's hysterical to watch the people who have once told you that you wouldn't be anyone without them, as if their lives were so important, coming back in your life. But, for what? It's pathetic. Seeing…

A Reminder:

Here you are sitting on a rocking chair on your porch, watching the fading sun sinking behind the vast blue ocean. Words begin to whirl inside your head. Then, you and your past become as one, if you know what I mean. Then, the tears come. --People like us, have worked themselves to exhaustion. --People…